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As the name suggests, the ANAVON Dual Performance 3.0 is characterized by its versatility. It is made for women and men who want a playful ski for short and medium-length radii. Thanks to different edge lengths (asymmetrical structure), the handling and the curve radii  are determined by the choice of which ski is worn on which foot.


The ADP is made from the best materials  in the factory in Disentis. The RealSandwichCore consists of local ash wood, rubber, carbon fibers and titanal. The special racing base and the used edges as well as the structure of the core stand for the longevity of the product.


The ANAVON-specific base structure and the optimal cut of the edges ensure an intensive, perfect driving experience. 


Length : ADP  155/160  offers tighter radii and smoother handling at high speeds.


Pricing options

A surcharge of CHF 150.00 will be charged for all colors except Alpine White and Obsidian Black.


On request and for an additional charge  a company logo or a lettering   can be positioned BEHIND the binding. Inquiries should be entered in the "Remarks / Requests" field.

ADP 155/160 | ADP 163/168

ski color
logo/font color
  • details ADP 155/160 ADP 163/168
    ski tip 126mm 128mm

    ski middle

    76mm 79mm
    end of ski 110mm 110mm
    radius 12.8/14 m 15/16.5 m
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